Monday, July 30, 2012

Najlon fever :)

It's very difficult to say what is the right reason why I decided to go to Najlon market to shop some things for summer maybe just because I'm shopping maniac. I bought all things what I need for this summer,few dresses,sunglasses,two pair swimwear,two pair sneakers,bag,and many other things I can't remember everything and that was not enough.But this time I have an explanation for comming home with three full bag of vintage things.My friend Magdalena come to Novi Sad and I spoke her lot of stories about this wonderful place,heaven for wallet,where u can buy great and interesting things for funny price.And of course she wanted to see it.We called Dejan and Dejan to enjoy us and we were going to our small trip :)
 I was planed to buy some Levis pants to remake it in shorts and color it in yellow but I bought everything except that.As u can see on photos I find beautiful Beneton jeans jacket which look like new,and that is the best piece of this shopping for me.Other things which I found u can see on photos.I also was happy because I found shirt which look like Versace vintage collection and I like it very much. Dejan found Jack and Jones shirt and beautiful new swimwear,the other Dejan find great shirt too. Magdalena find two pieces it's ok for the first time on Najlon :) I bought ten. Now I have a lot of job to make it right for me because everything is  bigger than my size.All of that going with me on holiday.Also I put some photos  Najlon's atmosphere so u can feel the spirit of that great place.
See u in next post from the seaside.Kisses

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  1. e ovde bih umrlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Odlichan blog!